EZ Model
EZ Models are easier because they allow the minister to remain dry - outside the baptistry- during the baptism. The candidate is baptized from a seated position on a molded in platform, making the process easier than with conventional baptistries. As with all Series 2000 baptistries, the EZ models feature wider, more comfortable steps for a safer, more relaxed entry.
  Model Height Weight Capacity
The all new EZ-30 is designed to fit through any standard 3' door and is perfect for installing into an existing building without the need for major renovations. Like all EZ models it allows the minister to remain dray while the candidate is baptized.
EZ30 PDF EZ30 3'-3" 175 lbs. 160 gal.
EZ30-WR PDF EZ30-WR 3'-3" 175 lbs. 160 gal.
EZ30-WL PDF EZ30-WL 3'-3" 175 lbs. 160 gal.
EZ1 PDF EZ1 3'-6" 230 lbs. 350 gal.
EZ1-WL PDF EZ1-WL 3'-6" 230 lbs. 350 gal.
EZ1-WR PDF EZ1-WR 3'-6" 230 lbs. 350 gal.
EZ2 PDF EZ2 3'-6" 315 lbs. 465 gal.