Efficient, Quiet, Affordable, and Safe. That's what EQAS means to our customers

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Standard features include:

  • 120 volt / 240 volt field selectable
  • Full Range Thermostat
  • High Limit Protection
  • Pressure Switch Activated
  • UL Listed (UL1563)

Electrical Requirements: GFCI Required (not included)*

Heater size (with pump installed) 17" tall x 5.2" wide x 6" deep

EQAS-CH Sell Sheet
Information Sheet

EQAS-CH Instructions
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It's easy to install using factory wired, plug together connectors for the pump and the optional EQAS 2000 Autofill device. An air button (included) can be mounted top side on the pool to control the on/off operation of the heater if the customer wishes.

Standard features include a built in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Time Clock, and Thermostat. The unit is manufactured using all UL Registered parts and an ETL listing. The heater, pump, and all necessary fittings, including a mounting base, are delivered in one box. Heater also operates on 208V with reduced efficiency.

Electrical Requirements: H-5 - 2 pole, 40 amp

Heater size (with pump installed) 16" tall x 24" wide x 16" deep

EQAS-H-5 Instructions
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Our "S Series" EQAS heaters have all the features of our "H Series" heaters, but add the convenience of fully automatic control. This system allows for automatic fill, automatic water level control, and automatic drain. From the front of the unit or from poolside, the on/off and fill/drain functions can be initiated. Temperature and Time Clock settings are easily pre-set on the front of the heater. Heater, pump, controllers, wiring, and all necessary fittings are shipped in one box. Heater can also operate on 208V with reduced efficiency.

Electrical Requirements: S-5 - 2 pole, 40 amp

Heater size (with pump installed) 16" tall x 24" wide x 16" deep

EQAS-S-5 Instructions
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Increase the heating power of you EQAS-H-5 or S-5 heaters with this booster. Adds an additional 5.5kw heating element for 11kw total heating.

*Requires a 2 pole 60 Amp circuit breaker.

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For larger baptismal pools (like the LG) or for those that just want to heat the water faster, our Remote Heater is the perfect answer. The 11kw heater comes with its own separate heater and pump. It plugs into any S series product for single location control of temperature and operation. As with all EQAS heaters, the GFCI is built in.

*Note: requires separate 60 amp/240V circuit.

EQAS-OSH Instructions
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For situations where the heater may be difficult to access for temperature control, this is the perfect solution. Our Remote Controller can be mounted in any wall and allows for full operation of on/off, fill/drain, and temperature control. A digital read out displays the temperature of the baptismal pool water.

EQAS-Remote Instructions
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EQAS-Portable Heater

New from Fiberglass Specialties, Inc is a safe, truly portable heater that is perfect for portable baptismal pools and even small in-place pools. The new heater can fill, drain, and heat the baptismal pool using a 120v or 240v power source. Because this is a full featured circulation heater, it will heat the pool much faster than a traditional "over the side" heater and save on electricity costs.

UL listed for Indoor locations

EQAS-P120 (1000 watt/120v - 15 amp)
EQAS-P240 (4000 watt/240v - 30 amp)

EQAS-Portable PDF